Le parcours immersif “Ar Marveilhou”

Breton legends

world of fantasyA journey to the gateway of a world of fantasy and imagination.

Let yourself be drawn into the space « Ar Marveilhou » at Breizh Odyssée, listen to the legends and tales of fantastic creatures found in the Breton and Celtic stories. Especially intended for young visitors and families, this space invites you on a fabulous journey, opening a doorway to the world of the imagination.

The treasures
of the oral tradition

An interactive map shows the most important legendary sites in Brittany, a fairy web will lead you on a hunt to find the treasures of the storytelling tradition, a fertile terrain for the imaginary and fantasy which we still draw on today.

Listen carefully, hold on tight to the ropes, Gwalarn, the north-west wind will transport you to the famous Isles of Avalon and the magnificent city of Ys. Sail to Tir na Nog, as our Irish cousins have named it, the island located at the most north-westerly point of the world. Run through fantastic, protective forests where everything possesses a soul.

Meet fantastic creatures, animals, women and men from the Otherworld who inhabit these places. From an old wardrobe, listen to the story of Malo who was awoken by the fairy Viviane. The story of Neven who met a Koril or Ninog’s dream on the night of Hallowe’en unfolds.

This is a magical space of fascinating animation in sound and vision.Discover the tales and legends of yesteryear, the treasures of an ancestral oral tradition.

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