The museographic centre

The history of Brittany
and the Armorican peninsula

An animated visit in light and sound

Breizh Odyssée invites you to discover or re-discover the history of Brittany on screen. In the two rooms of the museographic centre, let yourself be carried away by the multi-screen, 4-film experience, showing the 55 key sequences of the history of Brittany and the Armorican Peninsula.
The visual projections provide a lively tour as you move from screen to screen in an animated visit in light and sound.

From neolithic times to the present day

The first space enables you to find out more about the history of Brittany from Neolithic times by following the multimedia historical timeline. You will learn more about ancient Brittany from -700 000 BC to 750 AD, followed by Brittany’s period of independence from 830 – 1532 AD, until the time Brittany became a French province, the period between autonomy and resistance from 1532-1789.

The second room tells the story of the 19th and 20th centuries when Brittany was wiped off the map from 1789 – 1914, Brittany in a time between shadows and light from 1914-1950 and the awakening of Brittany from 1950-2018.

A true, academic representation

The creators of the project wish to give a true representation of the history and culture of Brittany backed by academic research.The content is based on the learned work of well-known academics and historians. The entirety of the project developed by Breizh Odyssée is underpinned by the desire to show respect, objectivity and neutrality.

The Breizh Odyssée project is complementary to other cultural spaces which also cover the history of Brittany, such as the Le Musée Départemental Breton in Quimper, le Musée de Bretagne in Rennes and especially le Musée de l’Ancienne Abbaye à Landévennec.

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