Breizh Odyssée

The 4 spaces

Discover the museographic centre

Breizh Odyssée’s museographic centre highlights the culture and history of Brittany of yesteryear, the present day and looks forward to tomorrow in four dedicated immersive and projective spaces. A visit to the heart of the many facets of Brittany and a look at the region’s potential.

The history of Brittany

The museographic space is an area given over to the history of Brittany and the Armorican peninsula, for visitors to find out all about the wealth of Breton history.

Breton Legends

An immersive journey through the Breton imagination and fantasy. « Ar Marveilhou » – oral tradition, legends and the fantastic creatures sprung from Breton fantasy.

Brittany today

The vast universe of possibilities. A panoramic vision of Brittany today and going forward, highlighting its potential and shining a light on the women and men who live here.

Temporary exhibition

Annual exhibitions based on a theme on the history of those who have contributed to the economic,cultural and artistic life of the region.Coming soon : Breton Musicians : the women and men who make music in Brittany.