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The Breizh Odyssée experience

Breizh Odyssée, experiences

An authentic resource centre, Breizh Odyssée offers a whole range of experiences which will appeal to visitors.

(re)discover breton culture

Breizh Odyssée speaks to Bretons, whether born and bred or Breton at heart, to people passionate about culture or eager to find out more about the uniqueness of Breton culture and history and its prospects going forward.

In the visitors’ centre, with its restaurant, boutique, the events and Internet site, Breizh Odyssée offers a trip through time to discover or rediscover the wealth of Breton culture and history.

Vist the four spaces

Come and visit a « territoire » , which is out of the ordinary

We welcome everybody to come and immerse themselves in this Breton « territoire » where Breizh Odyssée has built its project in Landévennec on the Crozon Peninsula, in Finistère.

In the Bay of Brest, between land and sea, between the Abbey in Landévennec -the ruins of a Benedictine monastery- and the ship graveyard. The project is anchored in the heart of an historical emblematic area which offers a majestic panorama, in keeping with the wealth of treasures Brittany has to offer.

Visit Landévennec


In the heart of the Parc Naturel Régional d’Armorique, on the Crozon peninsula , Breizh Odyssée enjoys an ideal location in a protected environment where life is good.
Eco-tourists or those who favour green tourism can come and take time to step out of the everyday hustle and bustle into a genuinely restful environment

Stay a while longer in the area

Personal development and shared objectives

This is a place to meet others who share the same values, Breizh Odyssée offers a safe anchorage, moorings for newcomers to Brittany and for the younger generation who wish to find out where they come from and who want to live with this Breton mindset.

Breizh Odyssée wants to be a facilitator, to create ties between the past and the present, between individuals, those who have passed and what we hope to leave as a legacy to our children.

Join the community

Get involved

Breizh Odyssée is the result of a genuine collaborative project and we would like others to commit to the project.

Builders, partners,ambassadors,each and every one can lend support to the project invest in it and help us to carry out our mission to highlight, share and pass on Breton cultural heritage in order to build the Brittany of tomorrow.

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