Play your part in the project

Become a patron of l’association Histoire et Culture de Bretagne,
The non-profit organisation promoting the history and culture of Brittany

Play your part in the project

In order realise the project and our cultural ambition to become a major centre of reference on Breton history, the organisation « Histoire et Culture de Bretagne » needs your support.

By joining us at the new visitors’ centre Breizh Odyssée in Landévennec :
• You will be demonstrating your commitment to passing on the history of Brittany and Armorica to the younger generation.
• You will be contributing to the development of a site open to everyone who is interested in promoting knowledge of Brittany today, with regard to the environment, society and the economy
• You will also be supporting an innovative project presenting the beauty of Brittany, with its prosperity and solidarity. A Brittany which is looking out at the world from an iconic site near the ruins of the Carolingian Abbey in Landévennec

Support breton history and culture !

By joining the cirlcle of patrons of Breizh Odyssée, you will be participating in developing a cultural project, rooted in history but resolutely turned towards the future of Brittany and the Breton people.

Becoming a Patron


Businesses benefit from a 60 % rebate on company tax of the value of their donation up to a limit of € 20,000 or 5 on 1,000 of the annual turnover before tax (The ceiling is applied to all payments made) with the possibility of a deferral if the limit is exceeded over 5 years.

For example : donation of € 30,000 in 2022. Tax rebate 2022 limited to €12,000 and tax rebate 2023 , € 6,000 giving a total tax rebate of € 18,000 over 2 years. Net cost for the company : €12,000.

The Patronage

Patronage also has advantages for businesses

Patronage (sponsoring) is a negotiated advertising service provision and as such the serivces paid for can be included in the charges deducted by the company and therefore generate a proportionate company tax saving at a rate of 10 IS ( 15 % or 20 % depending on the situation.)
Tax and fiscal references (in French according to the French tax system )

• Article 238 bis du Code général des impôts/ according to tax law
• Loi n°2003-709 du 1er août 2003 relative au mécénat, aux associations et aux fondations
The law concerning patronage, non-profit organisations and foundations
• Bofip-impôts sur la réduction d’impôt pour le mécénat
Tax rebates for patrons

• Loi de finances pour 2020 (article 134)

If you wish to support us then just contact us.