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History and Culture of Brittany (HCB)

A non-profit organisation, HCB was set up to tie in with the cultural college of experts behind the organisation of Produit en Bretagne, a non-profit business network set up to promote Breton products.

The aim of the non-profit organisation History and Culture of Brittany is to bring together economics, culture, history and future prospects to work together for the development of Brittany. By understanding both past successes and failures we can combine our energy and act together in the general interest of all Bretons.

Skol Vreizh

Skol Vreizh is a non-profit publishing house, set up 80 years ago, aiming to bring Breton culture in all its forms to a wider audience so that it is more widely appreciated.

Skol Vreiz organises conferences, exhibitions, Breton langage courses and publishes a large number of works in both French and Breton. With over 350 titles published, its catalogue comprises history books, dictionaries, textbooks, cultural writings, children’s books, and literary works including novels, poems and plays etc.

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