Likor Breizh – Landevenneg

Breton handcrafted liqueur store

Likor Breizh, the richness of breton terroir

Handcrafted in the village of Landévennec, in the historic heart of Brittany, Likor Breizh recipes are inspired by the richness of the Breton terroir. Drawing on over 50 years of Maison Fisselier expertise, our artisanal liqueur-makers have created a unique and authentic taste experience.

Our artisanal liqueurs

3 liqueurs inspired by the richness of Brittany : the single or double maceration of fruit in alcohol for several weeks gives them a unique taste and exceptional quality. The resulting liquid is then pressed and filtered. Strawberry from Plougastel, Raspberry or Blackberry, each Likor Breizh liqueur will add a fruity touch to your favorite cocktails and sublimate your sorbets.

Plougastel Strawberry Liqueur – Sivi Mat

Raspberry Liqueur – Flamboez Mat

Blackberry Liqueur  – Mouar Mat

Our spirits

3 references that will satisfy the most demanding thanks to their varied sensory palette and the complexity of the different blends.

Herbal Gin – Louzeier Sakr

Gin Elixir – Trevad Kentañ

Malt brandy  – Loargann

The expertise of Maison Fisselier

The Liquoristerie de Landévennec, Maison Fisselier’s second production facility, is entirely dedicated to the production of Likor Breizh products, which are made on site.

Here, you embark on a new journey, discovering Fisselier’s craftsmanship and excellence, and the secrets behind the production of these Breton liqueurs. Likor Breizh creations combine original recipes and traditional manufacturing methods, giving them a unique taste and exceptional quality.

Et si vous dégustiez nos liqueurs en terrasse ?

L’Awen Kafe Landevenneg, situé juste au dessus de notre liquoristerie, propose naturellement nos liqueurs et spiritueux à la carte et en cocktail. L’occasion de découvrir notre gamme dans un cadre exceptionnel avec une vue imprenable sur la rade de Brest et l’Aulne maritime.