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close to Breizh Odyssée

Breizh Odyssée, a unique location

Located in Landévennec, in the heart of the Parc Naturel régional d’Armorique BREIZH ODYSSEE is one of a group of nature, historical and cultural sites on the Crozon Peninsula. Come and visit the sites of interest in the area and immerse yourself in the wealth of Breton heritage and history.

The museum of the ancient abbey in Landévennec

Founded by Saint-Guénolé around 485, the ancient abbey in Landévennec will delight lovers of Breton architectural heritage. It is a fabulous testimony to 15 centuries of Breton history and the site of the old abbey will take you on an immersive journey to discover the oldest recorded monastic foundation in Brittany.

Wander around this archeological site, a genuine open-air archeological dig, step back in time as you walk around the vegetable and medicinal herb gardens and visit the museum where visitors can learn about the history of the monastery.


Landévennec ship graveyard and the belvedere

From the heights of the belvedere, admire the exceptional panoramic view over the Aulne estuary. You can see the Landévennec ship graveyard, an amazing home port for boats waiting to weigh anchor before their final journey to the scrapyards.

de Landévennec

A Benedictine Abbey, the brotherhood of Benedictine monks moved to the new Abbey of Saint-Guénolé built in 1953. A community of twenty monks still live there and welcome visitors for mass and to the library where products made by the monks are on sale.

L’Abbaye bénédictine

La communauté des moines bénédictins s’est établie dans la nouvelle Abbaye de Saint-Guénolé construite en 1953. Une vingtaine de membres y réside et vous accueille lors des offices et dans la librairie où sont en vente des produits fabriqués sur place.

Natural parks, publicly-owned forests, footpaths for hiking and mountain biking, fishing on foot and the peace and quiet of the places offer visitors a multitude of activities. Whether it’s for a day, a week-end or a holiday, take the opposrtunity to visit an area which will quench your thirst for culture and your desire for wide open spaces.