What exactly is BREIZH ODYSSEE ?


Pierre-jakez Hélias

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A fixed focal point, a place of echanges to pass on both the culture of Brittany and the culture of the Breton people. A genuine cultural and economic project, Breizh Odyssée draws its inspiration from history to build our joint future.

Breizh Odyssée’s aim is to pass on important facts on Breton history, from the most ancient times until the end of the 20th century and to help people find out about Brittany today, by highlighting its potential, its assets and its vast universe of possibilities.

Our ambition


Handing down

Having inherited a particularly rich history, we feel we have a duty to pass on our ancestral heritage. Handing down our culture and our history to younger generations is a solid base on which to build our future and is one of our priorities.


At the root of our project is the desire to shine a light on the fundamental markers of our culture and identity, to give a clear vision of our history and diverse heritage and to showcase the natural beauty of the different regions of Brittany.


A gateway to a world brimming over with tales, stories and ideas, our aim is to make information available to a wide audience objectively and in all its diversity, so that each and everyone can own it and understand what it means to be Breton

The project Breizh Odyssée

Breizh Odyssée is first and foremost a visitors’ centre based in Landévennec, on the edge of the Bay of Brest in Brittany. We aim to reach a wide public by highlighting the heritage, culture and history of Brittany and we hope the visit touches your emotions.

Our support


Because we wish to remain free and agile, Breizh Odyssée has adopted company status. The Breizh Odyssée project combines a cost-efficient economic model with a vocation to highlight and hand down Breton history and cultural tradition, thus enabling the company to contribute to the development of Brittany while acting in the general interest of both the region and its people.


Because we are working for a cause and have ambitions which go beyond our remit, we wish to present Breton history and culture in the most honest and fairest way possible.

For this reason, the project Breizh Odyssée relies on a committee whose members are academics and historians. We are also supported by l’association Histoire et Culture de Bretagne, a well-established partner and a reference in the field and Le Conseil Régional de Bretagne, by Brest Terres Océanes as well as la Communauté de Communes de la Presqu’île de Crozon- Aulne Maritime. All of the projects developed by Breizh Odyssée are developed on the basis that we remain neutral, respectful and fair, to give an honest representation of Breton culture.

Our Partners

A modest contribution

We are very well aware that there is a whole ecosystem of economic and cultural actors out there, but we would like see our modest contribution as complementary to the cultural organisations already working in the field, such as the ancient Abbaye, Le Musée de Bretagne in Rennes and Le Musée départemental breton in Quimper. Each of us has a part to play in handing down and shining a light on our heritage in our own way.
We wish to make a contribution to building the Brittany of today, open to its history and its vast universe of possibilities. With objectivity in mind and with a will to be inclusive, our approach is built on the belief that we are working for the good of all with a shared vision.


Because we are convinced that culture is a shared asset we want to make Breizh Odyssée accessible to everyone : a destination for Bretons born and bred, Bretons at heart- or people who are just simply interested in Brittany.

For these reasons, Breizh Odyssée has chosen to use three main langages for its devices and signage : French, Breton and English. Important consideration has also been given to Gallo.

Following through on the idea of openness and accessibility, Breizh Odyssée has chosen to open a physical space in Landévennec, an Internet site and social media contacts to build a digital community space.

Making Breizh Odyssée your own

We are convinced that culture should be represented and carried forward by the greatest number – in particular by the younger generations and newcomers to Brittany, we want people to feel they can make the Breizh Odyssée project their own. Open to all contributions, it is intended to be a space for free expression, where everyone can meet and contribute in their own way.

Historians, businesses, inhabitants, artists, young people, Breizh Odyssée is an open invitation to everyone to reappropriate Breton history and culture to build a future together as part of a joint venture.

Play your part