Breizh Odyssée – Landévennec

The new cultural site
in Brittany

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« Ankouaat e hendadoù zo kement ha bezañ ur stêr hep mammenn, ur wezenn hep gwrizioù. »

Forget your ancestors and you are a stream with no source or a tree without roots.


to Breizh Odyssée

Work is currently under way on the site of Breizh Odyssée, a cultural centre located in Landévennec on the Crozon Peninsula, intended as a focal point to exchange and pass on the culture and history of Brittany both, past and present.

Total Immersion

In 2023 a many-facetted, modern immersive visitors’ centre will open the doors to Breton heritage, culture and history. With Breton legends as a starting point, moving through through the major periods in Breton history and into a whole universe of future possibilties for contemporary Brittany, Breizh Odyssée invites you to dive in.

An unforgettable experience

Between cultural immersion and an educational project,we invite you to visit the four dedicated immersive spaces, the restaurant with a view over the Bay of Brest and stop off at our unique boutique. Breizh Odyssée promises you an unforgettable experience, whether you are Breton born and bred, Breton of heart, are passionately interested in the region or just curious.

Come and find out more about the history and culture of Brittany
of yesteryear, today and tomorrow.

Brittany tells its own odyssey

Wrought and shaped by the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean
and by the wealth of its heritage and its history, Brittany
tells its own Odyssée

The sea

The cliffs and vast stretches of sand, the colour « glaz » in Breton – blue-grey tinged with green- the tempests at sea and the ensuing calm

The land

The green countryside, forests, rocks and boulders, hills, the rocky inlets, rivers and bays.

The sky

Its many shades of blue, the sun, the intense storms,the stars and beliefs

The legends

The myths where the kings still hold their sway, the dukes, saints and heroes.

The Atlantic pioneers

The navigators and explorers, mariners and farmers. The builders of megaliths, those who built our land and their heirs

Become part of this unbelievable odyssey !

Rooted in and inspired by our history, together we can invent the Brittany of the future and show the rest of the world the beauty and greatness of our heritage, history and culture.